Sound, lighting and image specialist in all areas of professional audio

Freevox distributes and manufactures reference products for the realization of audiovisual projects in the fields of live performance, fixed installation and music production.

> The sound

Freevox distributes the most significant brands in the audio industry including those of the Harman group, to propose an offer covering all areas of applications: entertainment, events, corporate, commercial, etc … From capture to broadcast Sound, Freevox has the unique ability to implement all of its product lines and the high skill of its technical team to respond to any type of sound project.

> The lighting

Freevox distributes and manufactures reference products for all areas of professional lighting. A complete range of solutions dedicated to the Shows inlcuding projectors, controllers and accessories. Associated with the quality and expertise of our technical services, its equipment accompanies the best shows, events and installations in France and abroad.

> The image

Video broadcasting has become the essential element of any show, commercial space or corporate event. Freevox offers a comprehensive, powerful and reliable technical solution to providers and installers with Arkaos, Starway and RGBlink brands to meet this new demand.







Les marques distribuées par Freevox

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