Professional audio equipment specialist for radio & tv broadcast, fixed installation and touring

Audiopole imports and distributes professional audio equipment for TV and Radio Broadcast including digital consoles, listening systems, audio devices and microphones, Touring and fixed installation with broadcast systems and adapted microphones to conference rooms.

> TV & Radio

With brands such as Studer, Drake / Clearcom, Wohler or Genelec among others, Audiopole is the French specialist in audio broadcast and not only provides technical answers in sound recording, mixing, audio processing, audio and video monitoring, wired and wireless order systems, Numeris or IP coding, but also the experience of a whole team providing complete monitoring of your system: advice, start-up, training and after-sales service under the conditions imposed by this profession. Audiopole is today the leading supplier of audio equipment to the largest French radio, TV and video companies.

> Installation

For several years, Audiopole has become a key player for fixed installations products. From the conference markets to entertainment’s places sound systems, Audiopole is able to respond the most complex sound architecture and network technology needs for sound diffusion and quality music. Sould it be signal processing, amplification or broadcasting, our vocation to provide not only innovative products but also high-performance solutions remains the priority of our sales and technical teams. They are naturally supported by a large network of installers and integrators partners.

> Touring

In terms of equipment, the Touring market has evolved dramatically over the last ten years. Significant progress has not only made it possible to significantly improve the quality of services, but above all to optimize the costs of productions and tours. No more gigantic speaker walls spitting decibels, no mixing consoles and untransportable amp racks, no more intertwined and intersecting cables. Reducing the weight and bulk of equipment, venue’s simulation and acoustic correction, processing and digital transport of the audio signal are some of the technological developments in which Audiopole’s partner brands excel.







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